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Millions of Brits will be heading overseas in the coming months. During last year's May half term holiday alone, it was estimated 1.8 million Brits travelled abroad.

Car travel is a popular alternative to air travel and driving in mainland Europe means you can make the most of the scenic routes and discover new parts of the country you are visiting. However, make sure your motor insurance policy covers you in the event of an accident while traveling in the European Union.

It's always best to call your insurance provider if you are planning on driving your car in the EU this summer, as you will need to confirm that your policy covers you in the country you are travelling to. Always ensure that you're adequately covered and have the necessary documents to prove it.

Tips to ensure driving overseas is a breeze:

  • Plan your journey beforehand
  • Have a local phrase book to hand in case you need to ask locals for directions and good places to stop
  • Make sure you have some local currency in case you need to pay for toll booths
  • Bring plenty of entertainment when travelling with children to ensure they are kept occupied and do not distract the driver
  • Have refreshments in the car to avoid dehydration in the heat and in case you get caught in a traffic jam
  • Check your car before setting off, ensuring the oil, screen wash, coolant and tyre pressures are at correct levels